empresaJOSÉ SILVA VIEIRA RUIVO, LDA was incorporated in 1974 by José Silva Vieira Ruivo, who began to work in the metalworking industry and plumbing in a small workshop in the centre of the town of  Batalha.
With more than 40 years of experience, the company now has a staff of 20 and a work area of more than 2.500 sq.m.
JSVR presents itself in the market as a company that specialises in the development of solutions, services and manufacture of metalworking products and locksmithing, with a consolidated position in Portugal and an important focus on the foreign market.
Cuurrently, the company has a variety of clients in reference markets such as Germany and France.


JSVR is a company specialized in the development of solutions, services and manufacture of metalworking products, with intervention in the national market and selected international markets. JSVR aims to satisfy the needs and expectations of the markets where operates, adapting to its specific needs, always focusing on total satisfaction and creating value for its customers, employees and partners.


To be a reference company at the national level in the development of solutions, service rendering and manufacture of metalworking and civil metalworking products, with a strategic presence in international markets.


  • Value Creation: Everything we do has the ultimate objective of creating value for our customers and partners, adequately remunerating our employees and partners.

  • Excellence: We constantly seek to improve our processes, people and products, working with determination, agility and strategic focus.

  • Cooperation: We work as a team, in an aligned and supportive way, sharing success and challenges.

  • Reliability: We want to create and maintain relationships of trust and long-term. That is why we invest in the quality of our products and in the excellence of service to our customers as distinctive factors.

  • Ethics in Relationships: Conduct ethically all internal and external relationships.



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